How To Think About Your Value In The Workforce If You Have Lost Your Job. Focusing On Your Skills, Not Your Last Job Title Will Open Your Mind To New Possibilities.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people have lost their jobs. Losing a job under any circumstance is a traumatic event. Unemployment creates tremendous financial concerns as well as challenges to one’s self-esteem. Increased stress level also follows the loss of a job and stress can greatly impair ones ability to effectively navigate the process of seeking new employment opportunities.

If the loss of income creates an acute financial crisis, it may be necessary to take a job out of your field or to accept a position that pays less than the job you lost. However, to avoid becoming depressed, you must remind yourself doing so is a temporary move to pay your bill’s while you look for a more satisfying job.

Jobs in certain fields are plentiful, so the probability of finding a job similar to the one you lost due to the coronavirus crisis might be optimistic. That’s great news especially if you were happy and fulfilled in your last job. It also eliminates the need to determine how your skills will transfer to different jobs and industries. However, certain industries have suffered extreme reductions in job opportunities since COVID-19. Thinking beyond your last job title will be crucial to create confidence and creativity in transferring the skills you have to new work environments.

An exercise that will help expand the perception you have of yourself as a worker is writing a skills set resume. Contrary to the traditional chronological style resume, a skills set resume highlights your capabilities and secondarily reports where you have worked to utilize those skills. The process of writing this resume builds self-esteem as it emphasizes your abilities and your value to potential employers. Examples of the skill based resume can be found online. Doing an inventory of skills you have practiced on prior jobs, volunteer experiences, in your hobbies or within your family situation you will help you discover you are capable of more than you ever realized.

While unemployed, take the time to imagine yourself in different jobs and developing new goals for retraining and further education for a new career or job. Finding a job or a new career takes research and patience, however, those actions lead to new opportunities and renewed confidence in yourself and future career goals.

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